26 October 2008


Attendance multiplicity of design and technology in the LCD TV, electronic market increasingly by providing many options for consumers. Not just the high end technology, the elegant display became the special attraction. And that was carried out by the electronics manufacturer to produce LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), which remains thin and stylishly.

In more competitive market, LG still promote the ideal composition between design and technology in the newest LCD TV products, LG60FR appeared so interesting. The elegant black colors dominate in the future, and red color combination with a side of the drape. Not like other LCD TV, LG60FR LCD TV was designed with a thickness of only 45mm, which makes LG60FR as the best LCD TV in the world at this time. Interestingly, the power LED is equipped with soft touch sensors. Simply one touch, the sound will be heard as a special effect on power.

LG60FR in the range LCD TV 1 MHD (192xl080p) is able to have Motion Picture Response Time (MPRT), which reached 4ms, with a contrast ratio of up to 50.000:1 shown to the real color. Meanwhile, the intelligent sensor embedded in the bottom will be able to adjust the image not just in terms of brightness contrasts, but also able to adjust the color automatically, in accordance with the room lighting conditions at the time.

LG60FR LCD TV has only 3 categories include AV mode is often used spectators, it's cinema, sports and games. Other than that, LG60FR also provide the invisible speaker which planted in a hidden around the side, so the sound quality produced more spread and clearly. No wonder if LG60FR get an award winning of Best Innovations in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2008.

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