27 October 2008

Philips Technology LCD

Philips Technology LCD
LCD more desirable, of course, since technology and design are looking for. The manufacturer of electronics then indicated mutual innovations. Philips Technology offers a combination of both through the LCD Full HD (1920xl080p) latest Action Series. This series combines motion and sound technology with the best in the design, apprehend, providing the quality of cinema environment in the family room while watching the favorite show.

Philips LCD Action Series 7 and 9 is equipped with High Definition technology, Natural Motion (HDNM), and capable to capture the movement as four times with more refined and smoothly, with the power processing of 500 million pixels per second. Even scenes move very quickly, it’s able to display without a halo effect around objects.

In the LCD panel, Philips LCD provides OverDrive Control to accelerate the electrons speed, which changed into liquid crystals, which make a good performance results, clean and without the vague movement with 5ms response time. By being provided by its technology of 100Hz ClearLCD, Philips claim through this technology with a more detailed and more sharply. Philips Technology LCD also offers the razor sharp image movement with a super fast response time of 2ms, it's is adjusted to its brightness approximately 550cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 8000:1.

To emphasize the power of design and technology by Philips factory, Ambilight features is include. Incredible technology and surround sound governance that supports the charm of a LCD TV that is present with 32, 42.47 to 52 inches equipped with 3 HDMI inputs, and USB Connector.

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