29 October 2008

Samsung i788 Blackjack III

Samsung i788 Blackjack III
It's all still rumor for the time being, Samsung will release the newest Blackjack series, Samsung i788 Blackjack III, but there’s no official release date yet. According to the news, this series will compete with Blacberry, because Blackjack III has good features, such as Wi-Fi, equipped with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, full QWERTY keyboard and other features. Although some news said that a series of Blackjack III is not made to compete with Samsung's Blackberry. Otherwise, the handset will have a much better progress of the normal Blackjack II also known as the Samsung Epic.

Therefore, Samsung attempt to provide the best features of the Blackjack III as the optical mouse. How does it work?. The optical mouse is basically like if you flipped the one on your desk over and tried to move it with your hand, you swipe your finger over it and click where you want, so you simply move you finger on the optics sensor to move the cursor on Samsung i788 Blackjack III.

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  1. Great product. I am starting to look into smartphones and PDAs to help me manage my business life whilst on the go.