04 November 2008

Medion Akoya S6510

Medion Akoya S6510
Medion name may not be too familiar in the ears of the notebook consumers. Medion is not actually a new player in this field. The name is well known in Germany, where the company is located. Medion product itself is synonymous with high quality with low price, including this Akoya S5610.

When you see the specifications of Medion Akoya S6510, the price offered by producers is relatively cheap, there is Intel Processor Core 2 Duo P7350 2.0GHz, 3Gb RAM, and 320GB hard disk capacity, and 15.4 inches wide screen inside the Medion Akoya S6510. This specification is sufficient if you intend to use this notebook for work purposes by connected to the internet.

When you see from the design, Akoya S6510 is actually not too special. From the outside, the appearance looks simple and minimal. Not many accessories appears in front of this black notebook, its written Medion name sharply right in the middle. Overall, although can not be considered as ‘Great’ notebook, Medion Akoya S6510 is quite good for the same kind of its level.

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