16 November 2008


Motorola ROKR released the latest series, MOTOROKR EM30. Owing to Mode Shift Motorola technology, this Quadband - mobile phone can be changed into the player quickly. Other than that, with just one touch of a button, users can move from talk mode to text messages.

Motorola ROKR expand the portfolio by introducing three mobile music phone in the various models for phone music lovers. These include new mobile phone MOTOROKR EM30, candybar phone that uses technology ModeShift Motorola, ROKR EM28, with a clamshell mobile phone by the Sonic features and the sensitive key-touch, and ROKR EM25, the slider phone with the capability to send FM radio stations.

Other advanced features of MOTOROKR EM30 for music lovers, is the high quality audio and the ability to download MP3 quickly for listening to their favorite music. There is also a FM radio technology with the Radio Data System (RDS), can know the names of artists who are playing. Plus Stereo headset jack 3.5 mm, which compatible with Windows Media Player 11, giving more freedom to download from online music stores in the worldwide.

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