16 December 2008

Archos 5

Archos 5
Through the ARM Cortex processor of Archos 5 Media Internet Tablet, you will easily connect to the Internet, and you can enjoy web pages smoothly. Archos 5 supported with Adobe Flash video and allows you to enjoy YouTube video without any problems. Including inside, there are internal HDD to download all the movies and music from various partners listed in the media club.

Many people may think that Archos 5 portable media player like most of the previous Archos products. However, the actual Archos 5 is more than just a media player, Archos 5 has many other attractive capabilities. In having the ability to browse the Internet and read the email, Archos 5 able to open the PDF files to play Flash-based games and play audio files and video. You can connect the Archos 5 to the your TV via DVR Station and also available to record events for your favorite TV while you watch during your spare, in the quality of HD 720p. If you want to do conversely, you can use the TV Snap-On to send TV programs to your Archos 5.

Archos 5 can be as a picture viewer and supported the file format of JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF. Archos 5 to be eligible for a consideration during to chose a gadget more than a portable media player. Now there are 2 versions of Portable Media Player with the Internet Tablet from Archos, it’s the latest Archos 5 and Archos 7.

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