11 December 2008

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm
Storm has excellent features, with clear and loud sound, also has a wide roaming rates. Voice dialing, copy and paste, programmable side buttons, a removable battery and a standard headphone jack. Although the camera is still loading slowly, BlackBerry Storm has a good flash, 2x zoom and stabilizer.

According to analysis of New York Times for the latest edition of BlackBerry, Storm has several weaknesses, the touchscreen concept that want to rival the iPhone touchscreen, thus making it have no physical keyboard. BlackBerry without the keyboard looks like a small iPod without the scroll wheel, the entire screen as a valid click of a mouse button.

There are other weaknesses in the main functions of a BlackBerry Storm for email. With a little soft touch, the user does not get any display case, only with the full touch in any case will display.

Good news for BlackBerry fans. BlackBerry Storm of the first BlackBerry device that uses touch screen sold U.S. $ 199.99. Compare with Blackberry Bold that sold US$ 700 in United States. The price was equal to the price of iPhone. BlackBerry Storm could be indeed said as one of the iPhone killer. U.S. $ 199.99 is the price discount for customers who do contract with Verizon Wireless service for two years, the discount service is U.S. $ 50.

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  1. i prefer HTC and Apple still ... no idea why. i just dont like blackberry .. @@