07 December 2008

New Nokia 6600 Slide, Fold, and 3600 Slide

New Nokia 6600 Slide, Fold, and 3600 Slide
Recently Nokia issued a series Nokia 6600, Those are new Nokia 6600 Slide, Nokia 6600 Fold, and Nokia 3600 Slide. Nokia introduced a sophisticated balance between appearance and the functions. All of them has smooth design with minimal features and easy to use.

Nokia 6600 Slide
Form of the Nokia 6600 Slide is quite similar with one of the Nseries, the N96. This similarity indicates that the Nokia 6600 Slide has perform quite elegant. Nokia 6600 Slide is almost same as Nokia 6600 Fold, 6600 Slide also present with glossy touch. For entertainment features, 6600 Slide is not different with Nokia 6600 Fold, accelerometer function as an alarm or snoozing off and rejecting incoming calls by knocking the body only. 3.2-megapixel camera on the Nokia 6600 Slide is able to store high quality images and video that can be shared via Internet services or multimedia message, directly from the image menu, 2.2-inch QVGA wide screen capable to display 16 million colors and also allow you around the city by the Nokia Maps application that can be improved through the component selection capabilities Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module LD-4W with a separate navigation license. Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module LD-4W is slim and lightweight with innovative design.

Nokia 6600 Fold
Appearance of Nokia 6600 Fold meet to the latest design. The finishing with a glossy screen can be hidden. The clamshell also use one click electromagnetic mechanism system to open the folder. Through a series of mobility that accrued from the compact size, the Nokia 6600 Fold is proof that real beauty is not just appear from the outer skin only. 3G technology allow to share pictures and video recording, quickly and easily through the integrated 2 megapixel camera with dual LED flash. Also has quick access to Internet services like Yahoo, Go, or Flickr. Nokia 6600 Fold also has various multimedia features such as FM radio and digital music player. Plan with the smooth-back characteristics of Nokia 6600 Fold presents a comfortable contour in the open and still look beautiful on closed. Twice knocking on Nokia 6600 fold can show the hidden part, displays the time, the messages are received, missed calls and many other things. Twice knocking on the Nokia 6600 Fold also lay the alarm, activate a silent mode and reject an incoming call.

Nokia 3600 Slide
Shape of Nokia 3600 Slide is also equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and 2 LED flash that is suitable to take pictures and video recording, even in poor lighting conditions. TV-out capability can directly connect to the Nokia 3600 Slide with a television, so image and video can be easily shared and enjoyed. The Nokia 3600 Slide also has capabilities to eliminate background noise. Through music player, the Nokia 3600 Slide is able to play 3,000 songs with a choice selection 4GB microSD card.

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