26 April 2009

Special File Extension

The rest of the time you may have the reason for making any mistake. You may want to kill yourself because you are sure that you can operate your computer well all this time. You will have to learn a little bit more about file extension if you want to operate anything in your computer.

The reason behind this is that you have to be able to control your file if you're using your computer. Otherwise you will not be able to survive in this digital, techno savvy world. You may learn new thing such as file extension XPI for your own good. You have to know that file extension XPI only available to open using Mozilla Firefox. If you know about this fact, you will not be wasting time for trying to open in using internet explorer. Use the alternative web browser to open such file extension. If you keep on trying to open using the web browser from Microsoft Windows you will find a dead end. There is no way that you can open file extension XPI using internet explorer.

Doing what you do now is not going to make you smarter. You need to learn more in order to understand the obstacle in technology and all computer related issues. Grab a chair and start learning now.

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