28 May 2009

Palm Pre Finally Released

Palm Pre Finally Released
According to Sprint, partner of Palm, Palm Pre will be released in this coming June 2009 with price Us $ 199 on contract after rebate. As you know, the Palm Pre smartphone is always awaited because the benefits of the OS inside, Web OS. Several advantages of Palm Pre compared to 3G iPhone is the keyboard with the 'QWERTY' and a touch screen features.

The smartphone which is the iPhone competitor offers a range of features that can attract consumers attention is one of the wireless charger technology. With this feature, the Palm Pre users can recharge the battery without connecting the phone cable to the electrical contacts. This wireless charger that called Touchstone is using magnets energy as a power source to connect the electric source to Palm Pre. The electric current through a loop that is embedded on the charging pad, will generate a magnetic current to recharge the Palm Pre battery, either the wireless charger can be used to recharge various gadgets. Network connection is carried by Palm Pre is the same as that carried by iPhone 3G, it’s using 3.5G connection.

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