05 June 2009

BenQ nSCreen i91

BenQ nSCreen i91
BenQ has launched nSCreen i91, an all-in-one PC gets the hands-on treatment that is designed to provide convenience for users to surf in the virtual world. nScreen i91 is also a computer in combination with a wide HD screen with 16:9 aspect ratio.

The form of its slim and the continuation of hidden on the back of the screen makes nScreen i91 looks beautiful and luxurious. BenQ nSCreen i91 not only save space, but very appropriate when used as a modern and beautiful home decor. In addition, BenQ nScreen i91 can save energy 80% less than a traditional desktop. BenQ nScreen i91 is for the user who wants a basic, low-cost PC and monitor that won't take up much space, and which will be able to run the majority of software thrown on it.

In addition to obviate the complicated connection cables, BenQ nSCreen i91 also allows users browsing the Internet immediately when the switched power on, for the users have wireless internet, while for those who have no wireless access, they can use an external modem. One of the benefits of BenQ NScreen i91 can run the instant photo sharing software, so that the user can view the latest photographs of their families.

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