12 August 2009

Prevent and Avoid the Violence

Prevent and Avoid the Violence
Some years ago, there were many violence happened to the employees while they were working on a company or another work place. Nobody can help them because there were no strong laws to back them up. This condition was quite miserable and many workers got hurt while they have used all of their energy to do their jobs.

Looking at that past time and in order to increase the safety in work place, HR Learning Center holds the training seminars for managing the violence in the work place. This seminar is aimed to change the flow of the work in the office or company so that the employees as well as the employers can cooperate well and produce a nice work place which is safe for everyone. By attending one of the Workplace Violence Training, the employees can better understand the root behavior of their companies so that they can avoid and prevent any violence that may happen in their work place. This seminar is using multi-faceted approaches such as power point presentation by a legal representative, small group discussion with hypothetical case scenario, quiz game, and a short video which shows the current issues over the work places.

Learn more about the training and the seminars at HRLearningCenter.com and prevent any violence to occur in the work place.

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