11 November 2009

Navigon 7210

Navigon 7210
The ability of the latest gadget Navigon 7210 is the output Navigon Landmark View 3D features found on the Navigon 7200. The feature is the ability of certain buildings will appear as 3-dimensional shapes rather than just mere icon. Additionally, Lane Assistant Pro feature of Navigon 7210 also serves to give information to you in the road and provide information on which route you should be. When this feature is shown previously in two dimensions on the Lane Assistant Pro is made of three-dimensional display so that more seem more real.

Another feature that is not less important of Navigon 7210 GPS is the Curve Warner will be useful when there is a sharp bend in the path you take. This GPS device will give a warning on the display screen as well as providing information through its speakers. This will be very useful when you're driving in bad weather conditions and do not allow you to divert attention from the road.

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