11 November 2009

Qstarz BT- Q3100

Qstarz BT- Q3100
Do you often travel far and wanted to know where have you gone for a certain period?. This Qstarz BT- Q3100 can be the right solution. The combination of black and gold colors on the plastic casing makes the Qstarz BT-Q3100 GPS receiver in the form of this key ring looks elegant. This small-sized tool works recorded the locations that you visit through GPS signals. Its small size makes it easy to carry everywhere.

The results of BT-Q1300 travel recorder can not be read directly but must be through the process of synchronization with the PC first. After enabling this tool, you must press the button to make location tagging process, and this process must be repeated every time you you want to mark your location. Furthermore, this location recordings can you read through the software Google Maps or Google Earth.

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