10 December 2009

Download the Latest Flock

Download the Latest Flock
As you know, blogger is the target audience for Flock, which is based on Mozilla Firefox, because it has been designed to know the latest news, blogs and friends appear as online. Flock can automatically add photos and other pieces for web pages written by Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad and WordPress.

With completeness offered, flock has 3 main features namely: social networking (facebook, twitter, mysapce), easy find photos and videos, and webmail. All three are designed to be in the surf with the other web, such as knowing the function of mail updates, facebook wall updates , photo and video search can go hand in hand. So the social networking enthusiast could monitor developments in their accounts and do not miss the news.

Flock works for users who do not want to miss the news. Because besides the main function above, Flock is also able to save the RSS reader from any other website.
Download the latest flock-2.5.5.en-US.win32

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