31 March 2011

Must Know Facts Before Buying A Car

You want to buy a car. the first things you need to know the kind of car you want. If the reasons for buying a car are perfectly valid the next thing will be to see you have the money to buy a car. If you're a first timer in the world of finance then you May be taken for a ride. If you are a student or no established credit history then the barriers for your car are the property of another, unless you have enough money to make direct purchases.

One Time Expenses
Budget in relation to the style should be balanced when you can not afford the luxury vehicle segment. on the rate of your car depends on various car you want. Budget models range between $ 12,000 and $ 20,000. Sports cars and other vehicles can cost up to $ 50,000 or more.

The cost of a decent stereo system, interior systems, such as leather seats, etc. will only increase costs.

Recurring expenses
What are your options? There is a wide range of auto loans. If you are looking for the best auto loans you can find a great loan sources on the Internet. These offer cheap auto loans such as to do away with commission agents. Other factors need to look at the insurance quotes. several recurring costs will be of the monthly installments that you have to pay the recurring cost to you clear the entire loan for the car. This is the best option that you complete the payment within 48 months if you can. In the case of longer periods of the APR is higher.

O insurance depends on several factors such as model cars (more expensive cars have higher premiums), vehicle age (the older cars have lower premiums), driving record (bad driving record is pushing up the premiums), etc. Even your age, gender and home country has an impact on insurance premiums. Insurance costs are paid over the life cycle of vehicles and generally ranges from $ 500 to $ 1200 per year.

A gas costs will be about $ 600 to $ 1500 per year, depending on the fuel efficiency of cars. Mileage depends on the type of vehicle you have selected. SUV can take more fuel when the car requires less fuel for the same distance.

O Maintenance is another important factor in the cost. costs will be about oil costs ($ 20 per 3500 miles), new battery, service fees ($ 250 per check up) and parking fees.

Watch out, or you'll be ripped off
They were a big gap among the auto industry. Search the net and hear more about these before venturing out to buy a car, so you're not the next person who is connected. of buying a car online through major online agencies. It will also reduce costs because it will bypass the commission agents / sales people to raise the price and may even convince you that something is worth to buy, so they're making a huge profit.

OU automotive office all you need to ensure the verification of your identity. Do not allow the car dealer to run a credit check on you if you are taking your own car finance. Credit checks are only done by banks and other financial institutions, and not your car.

O to negotiate on the price of the car as the maximum possible. See the quotes on the internet and other magazines, and if any salesman tells you that the net is different and they can not give you do not believe them. You would prefer to contact people on the internet and get a quote from them.

O Do not take the car if the salesman assured you will get lower in April for you. Take your car after all negotiations and contracts are signed. Later you may be able to get the car refinance for a lower in April, if you have a good credit score.

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