11 April 2011

All You Need to Know About Windows Phone 7 Apps

In the run up to the launch of Windows 7 Phone, Microsoft has maintained a high expectation of running boring reveals a new mobile operating system, which he hopes will be a strong competitor in the smartphone market. Some journalists have already managed to get to play with a prototype device and applaud its unique features, such as the center of the organization and dynamic tiles view. We also know that Microsoft has given specific hardware requirements for handset manufacturers, which is clear from the beginning that every new Windows phone will have excellent specs.

However, although it is obvious that WP7 Applications are great pieces of hardware, the standards set by competitors iOS4 Android and it is clear that the success or failure of a modern smartphone OS depends on the strength of their applications.

What applications will come pre-installed?
WP7 You can expect to get the basics ready for smartphones - calendar, e-mail and browser. Microsoft also said its integration with social networking and OS reception continuous updates from Twitter and Facebook.

There are several nice features look too - little things like being able to share e-mail group meeting in your calendar app with a message if you are running late


Instead of throwing in a mixed grid system, Windows 7 Phone HTC devices such as Mozart to organize applications into their proper 'hub' areas. Microsoft hops will make applications easier to find, with a photo application center in photo and music applications in the music center and favorites on the home screen.

Will the third party applications be available?
Third party apps are definitely available. platform is already a lot of support from major software companies. It will be offered from Windows Marketplace Phones.

Tell me about the Marketplace.
Like Apple's App Store, Market is the gateway to all applications available for your phone. Microsoft has promised to do everything to organize the store for easy perusing, and will highlight new applications on a daily basis to keep you up to date.

However, with 150 000 apps available for iPhone 4 and 30 000 for Android Windows 7 Phone Marketplace definitely has some catching up. Microsoft is offering to encourage the development of tools for developing applications with developers for free just by paying $ 99 when you decide to publish it on the market. They've also wanted to show how easy it is to develop for the OS, it shows on stage that the main Twitter app can be put together in less than ten minutes.

Will I be able to get all your favorite applications out there?

• Facebook and Twitter
Twitter has built its own app for this particular suit user interface. It will support multiple accounts and let you browse through tweets without a signature, or Twitter users in the first place. Full integration with Facebook contacts list will be the standard.

• Spotify
The creators of the wildly popular music streaming service has confirmed that it will soon be available in WP7, which means you can listen to millions of songs streamed over Wi-Fi connection. If you know you're not going to get a connection - on the plane or the ground - you can even download the list. To use it on your phone, although you'll need a premium account with Microsoft Zune pre-loaded for free streaming platform, there will certainly be some users who will switch.

• eBay
The world's largest online marketplace you search, bid, buy and track online sales over the phone with the app available on launch day.

• Seesmic
Seesmic is growing in popularity as a handy app that congregates all your social networking activity in one place, allowing you to comment on photos, update your status more than a few accounts.

• Others
With the Associated Press and Electronic Arts on board we will also be seeing a lot of news app and games respectively. What is online by now though Skype for cheap VoIP calls, Mozilla Firefox, the game senses Angry Birds and popular Polaroid Hipstamatic app.

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