21 April 2011

Amplify Your Life With New BlackBerry Curve 3G

Now, as the smartphone of getting into the skin of mobile phone users making BlackBerry business phone can be kept in entering a new domain - affordable smartphone - and came up a little better than other 3G devices BlackBerry Curve.

wins with her ​​looks, performance and features. The new device from RIM (Research in Motion), makers of BlackBerry handsets design keeps intact its business phones with their smartphones, but certain changes occur in the specifications may see it compatible with other smartphones on the market.

The difference can be seen when you hold a 3G BlackBerry Curve. This is an entertainment device to mobile phone users. Unlike other devices BlackBerry Curve 3G has integrated the call, menu, back and end the call in a way that looks like it is part of the screen rather than on the keyboard. The phone comes with some extra multimedia buttons like forward, rewind, play / pause / mute on the top of the curve 3G replacement mute and lock the rocker in other devices from the BlackBerry. The phone comes with a standard optical track annoying trackpad than before to use the devices.

3G BlackBerry Curve measures 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm in dimensions and weighing only 104 grams making it easy to carry device. phone to the local BlackBerry operating system 5.0 which is upgradable. The device comes with built-in 3G applications, has GPS and Google maps installed in the program to make everything possible for users via the BlackBerry Curve 3G. However, users of mobile phones can show a little concern about the quality of the camera as a device that comes with a 2MP (megapixels), which is certainly bad, but the descent in comparison with others. It can record video for you.

3G BlackBerry Curve is a 2.46-inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 3230 x 240 pixels which displays more than 65,000 colors. Memory of this device can be expanded to 32 GB. To buy the 3G BlackBerry Curve visit our UK Online Phone Shop and find some affordable deals on Christmas.

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