29 April 2011

BlackBerry Curve Review

When you mention the name of the BlackBerry, most people think about wearing a business suit types who just can not live without your quirky looking mobile phone that keeps them in touch with e-mails and stock prices 24 / 7 BlackBerry knows he has little reputation as a business just a smartphone, but they have set their sights on taking a BlackBerry for the masses, and with the increasing demand for sophisticated smartphone, the time has come for the BlackBerry Curve?

the first thing you notice about the Curve, is that it is stuck with the typical design of most BlackBerry handsets and features a full QWERTY keyboard. Designed to make it easier for business people to send e-mail, BlackBerry hopes that millions of texters and tweeters will find it just as useful. a unique landscape screen is good size, thanks to a wide curve of the body, which comes in a choice of colors for those who want to be sure that other people know your BlackBerry is the game does not work.

Was it to be different from the business version, or simply to reduce costs and make the curve more accessible to the consumer market, the BlackBerry have made ​​a few changes. There is a trackpad instead of beads on the other models, a shiny chrome finish has been replaced with more practical rubber one. In addition, it still looks and feels like the kind of quality you expect from your phone BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has omitted a few features that some might expect, especially when it comes to connectivity, but the Curve is designed to be basic, but usable smartphone. Although it does not support 3G and no GPS feature of some of the more expensive smartphones, it has WiFi, and a QWERTY keyboard and software that lets you set up multiple e-mail and social networking accounts simply means that the user will find it easy to keep in touch.

processor and BlackBerry operating systems work well together, which means that the curve can easily keep pace with the demands placed on it. Additional applications are available from the BlackBerry App World, and the interface makes it easy to move everything, including a music player, which is surprisingly good, if not the iTunes standard.

It seems that the BlackBerry failed to reach the smartphone that will be popular with consumers as it is with business customers, for much the same reasons. Easy to use, great for what most will need, and not as expensive as other big names, the BlackBerry Curve offers a real alternative.

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