09 April 2011

Can the iPhone Revolutionize Direct Sales & Network Marketing?

According to a report in October 2009 JD Power and Associates, consumers ranked Apple iPhone as number one for use in business. From 1000 points, Apple got first place with 803 points. Blackberry came in second with 724 points.

studies allowed users to rank their devices based on the ease of operation, operating system, features, battery and device design. These statistics should be notified to those in direct sales, MLM and network marketing software industry, because it indicates a change in the way of business.

Networking is one of the standard principles in the direct sales industry. Developing relationships and maintaining those relationships built on the success of individual personal and professional life. Smartphones and especially the iPhone, to help individuals stay connected to the world around them.

Users have the option to stay in touch with people who are near and far through social networking sites. Smartphone can remind the individual to call someone on their birthday over the phone calendar feature, or using the Internet, users can read about the chirping of a new product line as soon as it was published.

In addition, Smartphone users can easily and quickly remind everyone in your downline from the upcoming web conference or a new party package. Smartphones changing the way business is done online, and the revolution begins with the iPhone.

To fully understand the power of the iPhone, we explore the history of the "smartphone ."

History Smartphone

changed the definition of a smartphone with a complexity of sounds. Most people seem to agree that a smartphone can be defined as a phone with a particular operating system. first smart phone was designed by IBM. Named Simon, it was shown as a concept product at the industry trade shows in 1992.

It was released in 1993rd In addition to the mobile phone, Simon contained the address book software, calendar, calculator, notepad, e-mail, fax, and games. He did not have physical keys, instead of the touch-screen and use the extra stylus. Today, Simon will seem ordinary, but at that time was very advanced.

In 1996, Nokia released a palmtop computer style smartphone.

It was the first smartphone to have an open operating system. open operating system allowed the software applications that are developed by Nokia to interface with the phone. Nokia released a model during this time that the color screen, camera phones and WiFi.

Palm OS Handspring Treo smartphone was released in 2001. It could use a mobile third party applications. It also contains a small full-sized keyboard and the included wireless browsing, e-mail, calendar and contact organizer.

BlackBerry was released in 2002 by RIM. It was the first smartphone that focused on wireless e-mail use, and by June 2007, she has achieved a customer base of 8 million users. Three quarters of those users who are located in North America.

In 2005, Nokia launched its N-series 3G smartphone, Nokia, which initially sold not as mobile phones, but as multimedia computers.

In June 2007, the iPhone was launched. In July 2007, published their Web site development and by October 2007, the iPhone was named Time Magazine invention of the year. In July 2008, Apple introduced its App Store for free and fee based applications. Mobile Downloads reaching 1 billion U.S. dollars in April 2009 and 2 billion U.S. dollars in September 2009.

Noticing the popularity of the App Store, Microsoft, Palm, BlackBerry and Samsung have announced their trade.

iPhone tries to overtake the business world. Initially, it was mainly used for pleasure, but as it has become more integrated into individual lives, it is being used increasingly for business. This unique mobile smartphone enables embedded applications and custom applications. For application development, Apple released the SDK (Software Development Kit ).

Since the release of the SDK, the pictures in the Apple Store have sky-rocketed. iPhone website lists various ways of trying to increase its stake in the business market. One significant part of the App Store. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, said in a statement, "The App Store has invented what you can do with a mobile handheld device, and our users are clearly loving it ."

To iPhone of direct sales industry?

JD Powers 2009 cordless phone satisfaction study showed that among the Business Smartphone owners, more than half reported downloading third-party games for fun, while 46% reported taking trips software such as maps and time of application.

It shows that business customers are integrating their devices into their personal lives. In addition, nearly half of owners (46%) reported removal utility business applications to increase productivity.

Crowd Science conducted a study published in June 2009. She stated that over 70% of cell phone owners use them for both business and pleasure.

One of every three smartphone users have an iPhone. The study also reported that a whopping 82% of current iPhone users will buy it again. This information would lead one to believe that if the iPhone can maintain its high level of satisfaction and maintaining momentum, their likelihood of success in the business realm is very high.

Smartphone is used by many representatives of tracking contacts and stay in touch with your downline. It is a simple way to make a quick phone call or encouraging to keep up with e-mail. iPhone and easy access to the Web, has the possibility of revolutionizing the way in which the representatives conduct their business.

Many smartphones now have access to the web, but no ease of use, speed, or iPhone. Using the iPhone can provide a richer visual presentation that is appealing to the younger generation of consumers. The availability of add-on application for a low price increases the value could be seen in the phone and the many ways that can be used.

Independent MPs want to build their business with little investment. Being able to use their smartphones and the iPhone (something that they already have) to build their business is a great advantage for both the individual and direct sales company.

According to the DSA's 2008 National Salesforce study, 66% of people spent 9 hours or less each week in their business development. If companies can increase their visibility in a representative life, it is likely the job will grow. This is easily achieved through the use of social media in conjunction with smartphones or iPhones.

DSA also reported that 64.5% of sales by an individual person to person sales. If individuals can increase their ability to sell in any place, but only in the person's home, sales representative and the ability to grow the business will increase. iPhone, in conjunction with a feature-rich applications, it might be possible in the near future.

This would allow the representatives to take advantage of situations as they arise, rather than schedule another time to show your product. This one factor could increase the ability of representatives to "do business" of his evenings and weekends at any time, anywhere.

smartphones and mobile applications are here to stay. As Anssi Vanjoki (Nokia Multimedia VP and GM) said his company plans to release a new phone like the iPhone, "If there is something good in the world, then copy to him with pride ."

iPhone has made ​​a decisive impact on our society and will continue to do so. direct sales company that is able to best exploit the mobile industry can be confident that their representatives will have the greatest potential to be constantly connected and does the job.

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