22 April 2011

Fast Forward The Next 10 Years

Fast Forward how climate will change over the next ten years: What do you think the changes will be as globally, we have started 2011 with a flood attack the southern hemisphere. In your opinion, what do you think we go for more disaster or the environment will improve over time.

, in my opinion: I think the worst is to come, unless the government take a position different countries to do something to prepare for climate change. There must be more action to achieve a just and legally binding targets for global greenhouse gas emissions and the allocation of international resources to help continents such as Africa adapt to climate change impacts.

Fast Forward Medical: HIV and AIDS deaths has gone down it means that the achievement of that in the past decade. Thus, adult stem cells will revolutionize medicine in the next decade. They were tested for the treatment of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cerebral palsy and diabetes. The biggest challenge will be to make treatment available people.So showing in the next decade will be more advances in medicine.

Fast Forward Technology: In the next decade, mobile devices will be the main form of access to information. People already read magazines on iPads, check e-mail on their smartphone, connect through Facebook friends and follow the news via Twitter. This means that the next decade will bring the end of the web. challenge that we face is security, because like Twitter that shows your position that it can be dangerous for safety reasons.

Fast Forward Fashion and Beauty: In the last ten years we have seen fashion does not change much. We have only seen the styles of past years has been brought back. As of 2000 years, we saw only a 90-styles are just restyled. So, we have not seen much improvement in recent decade.Technology will pay a role in fashion during the next decade, with the revolution of online stores that will be even faster and will improve customer satisfaction.We seen many fakes of beauty in the final years of the last decade this trend will continue to grow over the next decade. Improvement will be on the skin products which help in anti-aging and repair our skin.

Fast Forward policy and the economy: I think Zimbabwe would still be a title, but Mugabe will resign at the end. African countries will begin to be found. South Africa will continue to guide them as it has in the past decade. China will continue to grow its economy and the U.S. will also grow.

Fast Forward Self: Where do you see in the next 9 years? Doing the same job is a dead-end. Or do you see yourself running that job you always wanted to start. You can break those dreams into small goals and start now to create a business plan or diary where you keep all your dreams and make sure you're making any progress getting the results you want for your life.
I wish you all the best in this decade, may your hopes and dreams into reality.

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