12 April 2011

HTC Hero Android Cell Phone Review

the new Google phones are all the rage, especially the new HTC Android Hero. Once I learned the glasses, I had to have it - and this is my review of


As a Sprint subscriber news on Hero HTC Android phone has been like a wet dream. The first Android phone will be offered on the Sprint phone could be the biggest news of the year. The bad news, for me, is that I've recently been locked in a brand new 2 year contract with the purchase of Palm ago in July. I want this phone for myself, but let's see if good enough to ignore my brand new 2 year contract.

This phone is almost identical to T-Mobile MyTouch, which has received rave reviews. It's not a bad thing as T-Mobile MyTouch is one of the best looking Android phones on the market. The device itself is about half an inch thick and weighs about 4.5 ounces, which is also known as the lesser of the iPhone! phone, as already mentioned, the sport's Android OS and also includes HTC Sense user interface that helps you to customize every aspect of the phone. Generally many people do not like phones that include special proprietary software, but Sense works so well that we are willing to make an exception. The phone is super sensitive touch screen with multi-touch.

This phone simply works and it works well. You can have up to seven home screen and can create shortcuts to applications, folders, widgets and anything else your heart desires. touch keyboard works surprisingly well with great accuracy and auto-correction. There are several amazing features that work very well, including Flash Lite in the web browser. Speaking ofon the web browser ,it works well . Although there are some long load times for the flash, but unlike most phones that include those of Jesus' birth. Android market continues to improve and currently offers more than 10,000 applications to choose from! 5.0 megapixel camera is just fine, the picture has some blur and it was very difficult to focus most of the time.

The phone is $ 180 with contract, if you're on a sprint and come up on the opportunity for a new phone, this May will be the very best options available in the market. Despite the camera, this phone offers the features are fantastic and this phone is a great addition to the new smartphone offering Android OS. This is the first Android phone, and Sprint is one of the best phones available on the network.

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