06 April 2011

HTC Phones Versus Samsung Phones - Outdoing and Outselling Rivals

For every story about Apple iPhone 4.0, the year 2010 definitely belonged to the HTC phones and Samsung phones. With sales of its smart phones touching dizzying heights, could not be going any better for these two industry veterans.

HTC phones and Samsung phones are both known worldwide for its high quality smartphone that delivers more than you promise. After all, higerst selling smartphones in the UK are currently yearning HTC and Samsung is the only Galaxy. Of course, there are countless other smartphone from these two cell phone directions that have done just as well this year. Some of them are legend HTC, HTC and Samsung Tocco HD2 Lite Touch and Samsung Genio. Again, these are just two more names from both the mobile phone manufacturers with a few other works as well on the market this year.

All said and done it is obviously the season for smartphone now. It was a record rise in sales of HTC phones and Samsung mobile phones this year. There are more than a few industry reports support this belief. We are quoting here only one such source for the benefit of our readers.

and the source of the world's Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker from IDC. This quarterly report reveals figures that prove beyond any iota of doubt that HTC phones and Samsung phones are far ahead of its rivals.

To begin with let us know that both HTC and Samsung have done so far and what are your goals for the quarter ahead. Well, HTC Corporation notched up an impressive 5.8 million units in the third quarter, and the aim is to nine million units sold in the fourth quarter. Similarly, South Korea's major mobile phone, Samsung has done a 7.2 million unit sales of its mobile phones in the third quarter and wants a whopping 10 million units sold in the fourth quarter.

selling smartphone running on Android is certainly influenced by this truly stunning information. With the smartphone handsets running the latest Windows 7 operating system coming this trend is only expected to go above and beyond.

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