18 April 2011

Laptops - Are They Worth it Now That We Have Netbooks?

Since the appearance of netbooks debate is among experts on the laptop, if they are worth their cost or the traditional laptop category covers the intended market for.

Netbooks are really well positioned when it comes to screen size. Asus, the first manufacturer to experiment with these small form factor PC because the manufacturer's first small and ultra-portable PCs Psion netbooks failed to achieve the desired entry, really struck a balance between the smartphone, PDA and sub​​-notebooks are available at this time.

There is controversy whether they are worth it or should we stick to the original categories of notebooks, as well as sub-notebooks, the value of the series and the business category. Netbooks definitely have an advantage over all those mentioned above, when it comes to price per portability. Smartphones, PDAs and now extinct offered up to 3.7 "-4.5"screen size that is comfortable if you plan on keeping the device in one hand, but falls as soon as there is a kind of application that requires a larger area, or better resolution.

Reading books and Web sites are among those tasks and many people buy a notebook to do this. Subnotebooks have been and still are the only business people who need to be productive while on the go, whether it is creating a new presentation, or modifying the plan in ArchiCAD.

Most people do not need to run your laptop to be very powerful, in fact, the first item on the list of priorities is very often the price. Sub-notebooks are much more expensive for the everyday consumer of media, a powerful and pointless, too.

Asus has released a 7 "EEE PC and geeks of all countries jumped on it immediately. Some hated it for a small keyboard, some loved it because it never saw a nude-browsing experience in such a small size. There was a thing they agree on, though, that they could use a larger netbook, which was similarly cheap.

The first 9, then 10, and most recently a 12 "netbooks with parts designed to be inexpensive and effective power of the head popped up, and became an instant success. They do what they can not the laptop for a price that is under even the most carefully stripped the value of the laptop, they give long battery life, reasonable viewing experience and on-line connectivity to the masses


Laptops still have their share of the market, and they will continue to work as long as there are people who want to save space on their PCs and want to have a notebook that provides a speed well put together, a desktop computer. Sub-notebooks will lose some of their shares, but all is well, at least now there are more models to choose from.

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