07 April 2011

Nokia N82

Nokia N82 is one of the most exciting handsets to come from the Finnish company for some time. Why? Well for starters it has a built-in Sat Nav, 5MP digital camera and 3G capabilities - Read about


can not look like her, but the Nokia N82 is a direct replacement for the N95 model. While the N95 had a chunky appearance with a sliding keyboard, the N82 could not look more "normal" if it tried. With straight-forward "candy bar" shape, a simple uncluttered design of the keyboard and display beautifully proportioned N82 does not just scream attention to you.

Nokia N82 stands out on many fronts. First of all, there is an amazing 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, integrated Xenon flash with video recording and playback features, and Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to instantly upload your awesome videos on the web. If this is not your preference, you can create your own slideshows and add your own music in high sound quality, or simply connect to your TV and view images from the comfort of your armchair. Video capture is an impressive 640x480 pixels at 30 frames per second.

This is a Symbian S60 smartphone, so it comes with a web browser, mail client, document viewer, advanced multimedia player and the N82 also has a variety of personal information management (PIM) applications.

Another main feature of the Nokia N82's internal A-GPS receiver - in other words, it is quickly sat nav - which allows you to find your current location much faster than standard GPS. Explore new places with the inclusion of pre-loaded maps and download the Nokia Maps for free to locate points of interest, addresses and even phone numbers in up to 150 countries.

Since the Nokia N82 as the N95 has all the features and software, you really should not experience any problems with the software, etc. as well as all the original "bugs" from the N95 have long been ironed out. One nice feature is the ability to rotate the display as you turn the device that is particularly useful when using the Sat Nav feature.

Overall, the N82 is a worthy successor to the N95 and has a functional part of the line up with a new supervisor, but is much more expensive Nokia N95 8GB.

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