23 April 2011

Reasons Why The Nokia N8 Is A Great Camera Phone

Nokia has always been one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturer. Now that smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, Nokia has had to continually upgrade their phones and they have finally released a phone that can hold their own in the smartphone market. Nokia N8 is one of the most popular Nokia smartphones and has many features that will keep customers satisfied with products that are purchased. Although the operating system for Nokia not considered the best, 12-megapixel camera and a few extras for this model to keep him in conflict with other smart phones.

first feature that makes this phone a good choice for potential buyers is a camera that is built in. Most smartphones have anywhere from a 5 megapixel camera with 8 megapixels. Nokia N8 has them all beat with a powerful 12 megapixel camera that has excellent photo quality. With the camera, users can take great pictures you can see them on the phone, but they can also get them printed and have the pictures look great. With a megapixel camera, a person can print a standard photo and it looks crisp and clear. The 12-megapixel camera, a person can take a picture of a poster, and do not notice the pixilation in the image.

for touchscreen phones, the screen is very important to be strong and has great resolution. With the Nokia N8, users will find that while the screen resolution may be missing, at least compared to some recently released models like the HTC HD longing, strength screen makes for a loss in resolution. screen is almost completely resistant to scratches (thanks to Gorilla Glass), which can be a big factor for people who have a history of breaking their phones. phone resolution is 360 by 640 pixels with a screen size of 3.5 inches. It is decent enough for most users, while providing a great user experience on the day to day basis.

internal processor can not be the strongest on the market, multitasking is asking a bit much, but to perform the standard functions it is fine. One of the best features of this phone is that the memory can be expanded quite a bit, and the phone is actually surprisingly affordable. standard memory size for this phone is 16GB, but can be upgraded later to double that amount thanks to a microSD slot. Another feature that the user will enjoy the HDMI output. Users can connect mobile phone to their high-definition TV to view a larger screen.

All in all, the Nokia N8 standard is by no means a revolutionary smartphone. What may lack in certain aspects, more than makes up for it in the camera department, which to be honest, it blows the competition out of the water. It is easily accessible, and there are few bells and whistles that more expensive phones. phone fun to use and is durable enough to withstand some of the harshest treatment. If you're a fan of Nokia handsets, their offerings in the smartphone market is likely to impress.

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