03 April 2011

Water 4 Gas - Hydrogen Conversion Made Really Simple and Safe For Automobiles

Ok, I must admit I was very skeptical the first time I came across a hydrogen car conversion, but the plague, but the increase in gas prices, I knew I had to do something drastic! I decided to give it seriously, because the others look the other reconstructions never worked for me in the past. I began to study the mechanism of action because I have science buff. amazing thing is, this is actually logical and made ​​a lot of sense. I even shot a website to a couple of friends who are physicists and they confirmed that this technology conversion had all the basics for being in force. They actually got there hands on the actual conversion manual in front of me and it seems that much more than I was excited.

The name is a tad misleading since it says to run your car on water and use water for gas. But here's the real scoop and how it works. You do not actually store any hydrogen in your car / truck anywhere, which is a good thing. Compressed hydrogen is very explosive and dangerous! Instead, you are actually producing hydrogen on demand by making a simple conversion system that most people can create in less than four hours. If you choose to hire a mechanic, he / she can easily finish in under an hour. Not too bad for years and years of gas price savings.

This technology works simply by harnessing small current from your vehicle's electrical equipment. From there, it gets fed reservoir containing a solution mixture of water and a touch of baking soda. While the use of current electricity, water atoms split into HHO gas, AKA Brown's Gas. It is actually very safe, stable, and clean burning type of gas.

Subsequently, the mixture is then driven their cars combustion system, which culminates in a super-efficient combination of air, fuel, and HHO gas. This combination of burns much cleaner and more efficient than their conventional mixture. final product was a substantial increase in your miles per gallon (mpg). I think everyone will enjoy this score!

Now, the true question that I have heard many people ask is: "Will it damage my car?" I can say with absolute certainty ..... not at all. This super blend, in all actuality, burns cooler and cleaner. This, believe it or not, extend the life and durability your car. Another important question is often asked: "Will it make my warranty void?" Nope. What many are not aware that the conversion of hydrogen car is 100% reversible. It is good to keep in mind that any process which is reversible and can not void the warranty! Some people are also curious about how much water is needed. The truth is, it really does not require much at all. 16oz glass of water will last two to three weeks!

in case you run out, your system will not be interrupted. Make sure to keep it a lot though, if you want to experience some incredible MPG gains! "What is the cost, hands and feet?" Hahah ... No! It is very inexpensive. You can do the total conversion for under $ 100. This should be taken into account the investment that will pay for itself over and over again. Picture by buying petrol for half the price. How fast do you think it will add up?

hydrogen car conversion, in this regard are very easy to make and super effective. Your car / truck will be a gas saving power. Also, it will be loads better for the environment by reducing toxic emissions from a conventional fuel system. Another really cool thing is that you can actually claim it as tax write-off as an alternative energy car! If you own a business, you will be able to appreciate this perk. switch to hydrogen converted vehicles (for me) was a no-brainer, because I wanted to save lots of money on gas every month. I was just plain sick of getting bent over to "Big Oil" and getting worse by the minute. Now, I feel like I have a big part of my freedom back and it feels good to change the

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