04 April 2011

What's the Buzz About the Soon-to-be-Released Nokia N96 Mobile Phone?

For the third quarter 2008, Nokia N96 - which is the successor to the successful Nokia N9 and Nseries - is set to be released


As the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, it's very easy for Nokia comes with innovative designs and a line of mobile phones to suit a particular lifestyle.

For example, Nokia's Eseries line of mobile phones with enhanced connectivity and business application features. target market of this line of mobile phones for business users.

Now, with Nokia Nseries, this is actually a line of multimedia smartphones. The idea is to offer a modern mobile user of digital media services. This includes music, video, enhanced photos, Internet services and mobile gaming.

For these applications, high-speed wireless technologies such as 3G, HSDPA and Wireless LAN is used.

The first line of mobile phones available in April 2005. So far, here are the models released under the Nokia Nseries:
- Nokia N70
- Nokia N70 Music Edition
- Nokia N71
- Nokia N72
- Nokia N73
- Nokia N73 Music Edition
- Nokia N75
- Nokia N76
- Nokia N77
- Nokia N78
- Nokia N80
- Nokia N81
- Nokia N81 8GB
- Nokia N82
- Nokia N90
- Nokia N92
- Nokia N93
- Nokia N93
- Nokia N95
- Nokia N95 8GB
- Nokia N96
- Nokia N800
- Nokia N810

Nokia N96 Review

Despite the fact that the Nokia N96 is yet to be released in the third quarter of this year, some reviewers got the first money on pre-production models. According to the review of Nokia N96 online, the phone is lighter and thinner than its predecessor, the Nokia N95.

In comparison with other phones from the Nseries, the Nokia N96 has a better overall design quality. She has a 2-way slide just like Nokia N95, but there are much improved and slick-loooking.

Also, the first feature film that is a big difference from the previous model's internal memory. Nokia N96 has 16GB of memory, twice the size of Nokia N95 units.

features of the Nokia N96 mobile phone includes:
- 3G and WLAN access
- GPS Navigation
- Mobile TV (network dependent)
- Full HTML browser
- 5-megapixel camera
- VGA camera on front for video calling
- Dual LED flash
- 3G video call
- Built-in motion sensor

camera is the culmination of the Nokia N96. In addition to enhanced resolution, it is also used in the crystal clear Carl Zeiss optics Tessar lens. It comes complete with auto focus and auto exposure features. When you add in a dual LED flash, this is a superb camera and all-in-one phone to have.

If all of these features will be included in the real Nokia N96 to be released in the third quarter of this year - then it's definitely improving


Compared with previous designs of the Nokia Nseries phones, the Nokia N96 has a camera resolution of better, more internal memory, as well as lighter and sleeker design.

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