14 April 2011

Why You Should Opt for Snuko Over Other Anti-Theft Security Devices?

Today we live in a world of virtual reality. It makes sense to say that none of us can not live without our computers and cell phones and other gadgets. With mobile devices becoming more and more essential for the survival, people have started becoming more and more storage of confidential data and information on their mobile devices. In most cases, this is the fact that it happens to be more important than computers or mobile itself. So, what happens if your cell phone or laptop gets stolen or lost? Would not it be awesome to know that an unauthorized user has complete access to your data? Taking all this into account, Snuko and other anti-theft devices have been developed.

But with so many anti-theft devices, such as Snuko are developed and released to the market on a regular basis, it becomes very difficult to choose the right one for your device. So, why would you choose Snuko over all other anti-theft devices available on the market?

Snuko consists of several important anti-theft feature that many other devices do not contain. It takes pictures and videos people using devices, which need images on your desktop to show you that an unauthorized user works with your device, helping you find your stolen laptop or mobile, and it uses Wi-Fi triangulation to identify the location of the device . Another great feature that sets Snuko differs from all other anti-theft software that has the ability to encrypt all of your important files, so they can stay safe. These files will also be backed up by Mozy online backup system. To Snuko is an advantage for several reasons, namely:

    Snuko provides security solutions for laptop computer and mobile phone users worldwide. In the event that your mobile device is lost or stolen, Snuko will help you download and hardware, as well as important information about the device.
    Snuko differs from its competitors in terms of functionality and price. While most competitors offer the same functionality for niche markets, Snuko provides full-service solution for a price that is made ​​for the mass market, making it very affordable for any mobile device users.
    Snuko offers a white label solution for partners, allowing them to penetrate the market more quickly by taking advantage of sales through existing customers and by building the brand name.
    Snuko is a small company that can adapt to ever-changing market needs, more than major competitors. New features and applications developed at a faster pace.
    Snuko the pricing strategy is based solely on subscription, which means recurring revenue and provide a stable and predictable revenue stream.
    Software piracy is next to impossible because all Snuko License Keys created using a random algorithm. In this way, the income stream will remain within Snuko and should not be spread through illegal downloads.

When compared to most other tools out there, Snuko stands out for its extensive security features for all types of mobile devices. So, go ahead and install Snuko on your laptop, notebook, smartphone or the latest Android Phone!

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