08 May 2011

The Nokia N8 Is Packed Full of High Spec Technology

For the first time Nokia smartphone market most challenging applications with one of there own. Nokia N8 is packed full of high-spec technology, including digital camera capable of HD video and a brand new operating system in a Symbian OS ^ 3. Nokia has so long been behind in the smartphone race, but N8 could be there ticket to success.

N8 does not seem typical of Nokia, and it is much smoother lines of the X6 and the N97. 3.5-inch AMOLED screen is 16:09 nHD (640 x 360) pixels and a capacitive multi touch control. built in orientation sensor lets the phone to automatically rotate to landscape view, this is great for hardcore messengers out there who like QWERTY alternative composing a message. anodized aluminum housing is very hard wearing and comes in different colors, including the Orange, Blue and Green.

New Symbian platform has debuted at N8. application interface is loaded with widgets and icons that represent basic functions such as the Internet browser and multimedia player. menu system is much like that on the N97 although updated for easier usability. You're presented with three home screen that you can adapt and live feeds for news channels and social networks can be integrated into the main screen. Nokia also allow for there valued customers to access the online App Store for thousands of additional applications for download.

Nokia are now equipped with N8, compulsory social network integration. One application handles Facebook and Twitter, it collects information, such as a statue of updates, posts and tweets and display them all in one convenient location. N8 is also packed with lots of messages and e-mail stores, e-mail, IM, SMS, MMS and social networks to manage it all possible. The phone also is supported by the Office document viewer for valuable business user.

and 3G and Wi Fi support N8 into various online opportunities. Web browser provides full Internet experience, while the multi-touch functionality allows for easy control. The device is mostly Flash compatible and you can upload videos and photos on the web via a smart phone sharing facilities. With integrated GPS and A-GPS receiver, N8 is capable of using these maps as a navigational tool, so getting lost would be impossible if you have a Nokia N8.

Nokia merged fully loaded 12MP digital camera with Carl Zeiss optical mastery. The result is stunning. phone can produce beautiful, sharp and smooth high-clarity video in HD. You can connect your phone to your home theater system via HDMI connection for the big screen experience. video player is very high spec, allowing full playback of the number of formats. The music player also lets you play music in multiple file formats. 3.5mm AV jack lets users plug in their own headsets and microSD slot will accept the upgrade to 32 GB.

Clearly, Nokia realized they had a lot of catching up to N8 and could be the dawn of a new era in the Finnish communications giants. This phone is absolutely packed full of top spec technology in all areas, the media side has a nifty digital camera and a very capable music and video player. While the phone and online messaging features to rival any top ten smartphones, which currently dominate the market.

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