11 May 2011

The Nokia N8 Rightly Deserves Its Title As The Manufacturer's Flagship Smartphone

Nokia N8 is a remarkable new smartphone with a lot of emphasis on his camera. This is certainly a major selling point of this handset, and is probably the most advanced cameraphone on the market. Nokia N8 does not offer much more than just an impressive camera though.

handset packs an impressive 3.5-inch AMOLED touch screen to navigate capacitive ^ 3 Symbian user interface. This is a very sensitive and allows users to easily glide through the user interface and implement a number of tasks. She also does a great job of displaying pictures and videos thanks to pixel configuration 360x 640th It can display an incredible 16 million colors results in fantastic quality. screen comes with an impressive spec sheet in its own right, boasting the functionality of a multi-touch support, accelerometer sensor, and a gorilla glass.

N8 allows users to assign their own songs as ringtones, provided that in either MP3 or WAV format. Of course, this feature works with vibration alert users to incoming calls and messages, as well as other information. Hands-free conversations are easy to implement thanks to the built-in speakerphone system and a 3.5mm audio jack that can be used with either a dedicated handsfree or headset for listening to music.

Nokia N8 comes with a high level of internal memory. 16GB capacity means users can potentially save thousands of music tracks, video clips, or any of the many file formats with the N8 which is compatible. If necessary, users can install an additional 32GB of storage with a microSD slot.

N8 Nokia phone is ideal for staying connected on the go for mobile networks and the Internet. GPRS and EDGE with HSDPA provides connection to provide internet access in areas with 3G coverage. In order to get a faster connection, users can also use Wi-Fi whenever they have access to a local wireless network router. This allows HTML browser really shines with 680MHz processor for fast loading times and a great browsing experience. As you might expect from such a high caliber smartphone, standard micro USB and Bluetooth connections are also provided further adding to its versatility.

a stunning 12 megapixel camera is on hand to capture stunning high quality pictures. Thanks to an amazing 4000x 3000 pixel resolution and the presence of Carl Zeiss optics, resulting in photos boast amazing clarity and detail. Once the image is taken, it can be edited with built-in software package that comes with several tools for editing. It is also easy to take pictures thanks to autofocus, face detection and Xenon flash, which means that in low light is not the problem. As if all this were not enough cameras also have the ability to record HD video at 720p quality. Once you have edited and your masterpiece, you can enjoy on the big screen thanks to TV-out jack.

There is so much love on the N8. It is also available in a range of vibrant colors, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Its spec list and a wealth of innovative features mean Nokia N8 thoroughly deserves its place as the manufacturer's flagship smartphone.

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