05 May 2011

Upgrading Your Business Through Cell Phone Marketing

Marketing has always been about finding the resources to effectively sell a product or service. From its earliest beginnings among journeymen yell trade as they walked the dusty roads of towns and cities, and farmers and artisans displaying their wares in a simple market stall in the neighborhood, in today's multi-media advertising and interactive displays, the job has always looked for a way to consumer buys what they sell, and not that of the competition.

But these are not ordinary times. Today, not only your marketing strategies need to compete with any broadcast or printed via the "traditional" media - newspapers and magazines, television, and radio - but you have to butt heads with other virtual products and services to the attention of consumers in the "new " and emerging media like the Internet. Companies used to pay millions for a glitzy TV ad, or a great full-page, color ad in major newspapers. Today, on top of that, they spend millions in order to advertise through the website, and even social media like Facebook and Twitter.

so how is an honest businessman without a war chest of multinational or on Wall Street heavyweight to compete in the midst of all this clutter and noise, the big guys do it?

Mobile marketing is a fast-emerging tools that enable companies to make their messages and products to people. Take for example the fact that the Nielsen poll published in 2007 found out: 35% of "tweens" - young men and women between eight and twelve years - have a cell phone. This means that the potential market of millions who can get direct, fast and efficiently via gadgets before they would not leave home without.

And they were just kids. Three years ago, a leading telecommunications industry analyst predicted the world's mobile phone penetration of 3.3 billion U.S. dollars, or about half of the total world population. And this is in mid-2007. By 2009, the projected figure of 1.6 billion won is added to it. Millions bought the iPhone when it first came out and buy millions of its latest iteration, and even in some poor areas of the world you're going to find a cell phone.

Cell phone marketing can quickly bring their products and services to the attention of those that you think should know. You do not have to pay for an expensive piece of advertising space in newspapers and wonder if your target market is seen. You will not have to compete with others for broadcast on radio or TV, and hope their customers - potential and present - saw the ad and did not press the CHANNEL button on the remote control as a favorite show segued into a few words from our sponsors. With mobile marketing can reach your target market right now and for far less than it would cost for a full-page, color ad in the newspaper or for a few seconds of broadcast in radio or TV.

Do you send your sales pitch through a simple SMS message, or through cutting-edge applications, cell phone marketing May be just to upgrade your business needs to be ahead of the competition. Regardless of whether they use mobile phone unit with the simplest features, or the latest smartphone, the mobile marketing can be sure that the part of the cost of television commercial or full-page newspaper ad or a banner of Google, you'll be able to reach their customers quickly , effectively and efficiently.

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