06 April 2011

Difference Between Facebook Page & Group

Why do I need a website? - If you are a small business or a small but well-known brand or a public figure or expert on what people are looking for then you need a communication platform with the audience or customers, where you have a lot of the platform and the incoming traffic does not have permission to be given van. You have to find all and sundry in your market and they could get in touch with you or your brand on search engines, Facebook, common interests, or even a topic of conversation. You need to offer them in your Sat platform within the same mother platform information of your brand, offers, products, discussions, videos, photos, reviews, surveys / research, events, program for smartphone downloads, instant customer relationship management, issue and everything under the sun that otherwise your website or your sales team or a publicist or service can be offered on a one to one basis. You have to go "WOW, if I could have it all on Facebook and with too much" and you would be right in wanting to. What do you or your brand needs a Facebook page. It is the only answer to all those fancy and fundamentals mentioned above. With a Facebook page, not only get direct access to your customers, but also become a brand personality that is recognized and solicited for advice.

Why do I need a group? If you or a community group or club where they share a common interest with others and want to maintain communication in real time about a group of initiatives, activities, events, latest photos and videos, where members can access this information for your convenience or entertainment, you have to start the Facebook group . While the group managed by the creator and admins are very reflective of the administrator and request permission to leave the group. Therefore, for a select few and does not mean that the outreach to whoever wants to be part of it. This is a definite no-no for small business or a brand or a public figure or anyone wants to head in those directions. I'll tell you that a large group for anyone who has or wants to start a community with a special interest. Who wants to share information and activities in a closed circuit. Maybe a group of XYZ fashionistas in your neighborhood or learn the art of your heart or Salsa dance workshops are fun and give you 10% of our revenue to save the child abuse et cetera. Group would not be picked up on search engines or you can join them without recognition administrator. Upto 5000 members of the admin group may send e-mail tip off the explosion to update all members of easy updation for all. Of course, even with news sources includes all the updates in the group, but then the same applies to the site too. Thus, the essence of that goes to the group if you have a very specific purpose known to the community or interest to share personal thoughts and concerns or information to the public is not a closed circle. Group does not give you the added advantage of applying the multiple tabs on them that kind of sites do.

Can I have both? Yes! Some brands / business / personal pages that are specific to their message for your brand, and then expand with a community that is included in the page as a group. But believe me if you know your goal for this to go ahead and do it or else just to keep life simple as it should be.

Top priority - he saw the search associated with like a button over the web (? 100 000 sites have a button for a good reason right), fans of your friends know about your brand the best public source of 'word of mouth' when they wanted their site or they interact with the brand or review your brand anywhere on Facebook. Even news articles have now I like the button for brands that are updated on a Facebook News Feed moment when someone clicks on it, or viewing your site. Results can be promoted through advertising on search engines and Facebook (income is what Facebook is after you have brought from website). Results can be treated as a mini web page that is not static but rather interactive and indexed. Need anything more be known on-line?

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