15 April 2011

Nokia N8 in Depth

Finnish mobile phone giants Nokia announced its latest smartphone in October this year with the launch of the Nokia N8 handset, the first phone to run on the company's new Symbian operating system 3. There was much hype around the release of this phone as it can be seen as Nokia, which have long been right on top of the mobile phone market, ultimately creating a smartphone that could rival the biggest market players, phones such as Apple iPhone, Blackberry torch from Research In Motion and Samsung Galaxy S. As a step forward from Sony Ericsson a solid (but now boring) mid-range phone, this was a pretty exciting time for Nokia fans.

the new operating system is similar in many ways to the previous incarnation, the S60, but really it's more of an evolution than a revolution for Nokia as they look to move on. Symbian 3 is more closely linked, at least in terms of performance, with other smart phone operating system and has three homescreens and each can hold up to 24 widgets, bookmarks and shortcuts, so plenty of room to play around with your display.

One aspect of the Nokia smart phones that have irritated users in the past was their web browser. Viewers to previous Nokia phones are so sad that most people with any common sense chosen to download the browser from a third party, but it is no longer necessary with the N8. bods at Nokia have improved your browser enough and it is now much more easy to use, and run faster. The browser now also supports multi-touch features such as zooming and pinching means new Nokia keeps pace with the touch screen features available on all the top range of smart phones.

on screen QWERTY keyboard is also quite a triumph because it is user friendly and keeps up well with fast typists. It's more comfortable when held in landscape, but it is more than watching the criticism.

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