20 April 2011

Trade in Your Old Cellphone to Reduce Demand for "Conflict Minerals"

Americans often buy a new smartphone and other electronic gadgets to keep up with new technological trends, but it leaves them wondering what they should do with old gadgets that you already own. While electronics are so central to the lives of Americans, most of them do not realize where all the materials come from to help create a device that you own. Recently, many news media reported that several electronics companies buying valuable minerals from the Congo to help fuel the war. I do not want to want to help financially support a war that is hurting hundreds of thousands of innocent people, but most Americans completely unaware that the materials in your smartphone is coming from Africa and is causing more harm than good there. In order to reduce the problem exists, it is important that the Americans were sure smartphones have already purchased do not go to waste. So if you have an old smartphone want to get rid of, the best thing you can do with it is to trade in the iPhone.

In order to build expensive technological devices, the companies require certain minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, and everything can be found at several places in the world, but most of which come from Congo. Because these minerals are mined in the Congo, and the money will warlords there, they are called "conflict of minerals, because electronics companies that use these materials helps to fund the war in Congo. If you decide to trade on the iPhone you already own, then itit can help reduce conflict in the Congo a lot more than if he decided to recycle old phones . Of course, if you decide to throw away your old smartphone, then you do not help keep these valuable minerals in the system, which means more of them will have to be mined from the Congo, and also contributed to environmental destruction, because the phone will be added the world's growing problem of waste and landfills.

When you decide to trade on the iPhone, you're helping the world in many ways to reduce the funding that goes to the Congo for "conflict of minerals, and waste reduction in the world. Often times, Americans would be sure to make good purchases by trying to avoid things made ​​in sweatshops and trying to support workers throughout the world. However, when it comes to getting rid of old stuff you no longer want, Americans are not always quite as thoughtful. Putting a little thought to how you can get rid of your old smartphone, you can help make the world a better place. Need Trade iPhone that you no longer wish to keep valuable minerals that are mined for their old phone system so that no new minerals must be mined for new phones. When you trade in the iPhone, put a used one back on the market, what other Americans can buy a new place, buying a used phone, Americans can stop the promotion of electronics companies to buy "conflict of minerals" from the Congo.

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