07 December 2008

Mouse of Logitech V550 Nano

Logitech V550 Nano
Sometimes most of notebook users don’t like to use the trackpad because it’s less convenient and prefer to use the mouse to run the application. However, it’s a bit bother to bring a mouse, because it must prepare the cable connector and put the mouse on USB port. But now the problem can solve if you choose a mouse of Logitech V550 Nano. Logitech V550 is a mouse without a cable which features dock Clip-and-Go, which allows notebook users stick the mouse to the notebook.

The mouse with silver color is indeed very simple design. Symmetrical shapes between the left and right with the scroll wheel halve this part right in the middle. However, although not designed to follow the contours of hands, Logitech V550 Nano still feel comfortable to use.

One of the features of Logitech V550 Nano is the ability to inherent on the surface of the laptop, so it’s not too difficult for users to move it from one location to another. Logitech provides a kind of stranglehold that must attached to the surface of laptop as a place of Logitech V550.

Such as another Logitech wireless mouse products, Logitech V550 Nano also uses radio frequency 2.4 GHz, but not like other bluetooth technology that used most of wireless mouse products. Logitech V550 Nano also can be easily integrated into the Windows operating system or Mac.

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