23 April 2011

Netqin Antivirus For Nokia N97

Nokia N97 is a very powerful multimedia smartphone. It has 32 ​​GB of internal memory, optional 32GB can be added to the creation of memory available on the Nokia N97 64GB. What do you do when you that this is a lot of free space? You can put in different things - music, movies, videos, photos near and dear ones, twenty or more notes, a lot of important and less important applications, games and books relevant information such as passwords or email addresses, birthdays, etc. What do you do if of this information, music collections, videos, etc. are deleted, and your applications and games are corrupt? I can not even dare to imagine such a situation eh? Virus do such things, and sometimes even make your phone useless.

virus threat on mobile phones are increasing. In the past two years, Trend Micro and F-Secure has published several reports - the most notable ones are the CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industries Association) annual meeting - who spoke about the trend where the virus is on the rise in mobile phone ringtone.

Most of these viruses was found to be at two platforms Windows Mobile and Symbian. Needless to say, from Symantic antivirus company Kaspersky to the quick launch several mobile antivirus kits.

as a user of one of the two platforms, I am eager to see a solution from one of three major desktop Windows freeware antivirus companies, viz. AVG, Avast, Avira. Until then, an alternative is a Chinese company NetQin mobile antivirus package.

installation is fairly simple and straightforward, and does not take up much disk space either. After installation, it will ask you to update virus definition files, did a quick over wiseless connection.

first scan will of course take a long time and users should be willing to start it at night before bed. Software hard to dig into the core of each file and scan it using the battery efficiently, and this - two aspects which have been confirmed by several reviewers


However, if you do not scan it during the day, and the need to use the Nokia N97, hit a useful 'pauzu'gumb and continue to scan whenever you have time.

What is more, the software features a real-time monitoring tool. NetQin is vigilant about any data that is sent via SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, infrared, GPRS and other network connections, and argues that it is detecting and blocking threats effectively. I've tested it and it worked fine.

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